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TRX Outdoor fitness boot camp workouts at Tuscany in Henderson NV 89011 Certified Personal Trainer Debra Stefan, known for her outdoor bootcamp workouts.

TRX is the most cutting-edge exercise technology available. This suspension training system enables you to get much more from your workout in a fraction of the time. Exercise modification is as easy as increasing or decreasing your body lean to fit individual capability.

Get a TRX upper body workout or suspension trainer leg workout outdoors by group fitness instructor, Debra Stefan. Easier yet, try it on Zoom with the link below.

I’m Debra Stefan, age 57 here in this video, and I am performing some of my favorite TRX exercises.

Early morning exercise raises the metabolism to burn stored fat all throughout the day. What’s more, exercise is the greatest mood enhancer and it’s available for you to begin your day.

Enjoy the outdoors the beautiful mountain ridge view the view of Las Vegas, good camaraderie, and a scientifically designed program. Put the fun back into fitness with a combination of endurance, strength, balance, and flexibility.

Indoor gyms can be boring and the cardio equipment is very monotonous but when you utilize the
the human body as the machine of choice that’s when you activate the metabolism and become one with the activity.

Can’t get away? Schedule to see me on Zoom!

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TRX Door Anchor for Home
You won’t find a better value for your fitness and weight loss goals than the TRX Suspension Training System Kit with the Door Anchor. If you purchase using the link provided, I may benefit from a small commission. Only the products that I use frequently at my fitness and weight loss retreat residence are suitable for my mission.

TRX Door Anchor for Home

Book your TRX workout on Zoom

I’m Debra Stefan. At my live-in fitness residence, you’ll learn how easy it is to eat and live your best lifestyle. Since 2008, I’ve opened my home to a few guests at a time. Will you be among the next?

Can’t get away? Schedule to see me on Zoom!

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