How to open or forward ports for BitTorrent and Utorrent

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First you need to check the model of your router to know if the method in this video works with it or not.
You can find a list of different routers here:

After choosing the model of your router choose the program you are forwarding ports for which is uTorrent.
Then you need to have the username and the password of the web configuration page of your router.
If you do not know then ask your internet provider to help you with that.

What is port and IP?

IP address is your address on the internet while a port is the address which an application on your computer uses to connect to the internet. For example an internet browser like firefox, a mail client like Microsoft outlook and so on would use different ports. A port would be a sub-address for a program to connect to the internet.

For example, when you open firefox or any other browser and you type in the address bar the browser would use port 80 to connect to the internet. You can try it, type in the address bar instead of just typing, you get the same result. So as you type the port 80 after the colon “:” this shows you that a port is the sub address which the browser uses to connect to google website.
Try using any other number maybe 399 or whatever so you type and it won’t work. This is because your computer is only allowed to connect to google server over the port 80 but not other ports except for few ports like ports used for email and other services that google offers.

Your router is the device which connects you to the internet and the port which uTorrent or BitTorrent uses to connect to the internet is not open in your router so you need to open port 24696 as shown in the video manually to make uTorrent works properly.

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