AIM Sports 150 Lumen Tactical Pistol Light Tabletop Review * Re-Post

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This is a re-post of a video I put up yesterday – I had to correct a technical problem with the video itself. No content was altered.

My tabletop review of the AIM Sports 150 Lumen Tactical Flashlight. I found this light on Amazon, though I suspect you may find it at some other retailers.

The flashlight is well made, with an all aluminum body. When installed on the rail, the spring-loaded lock holds the light firmly in place. The light fits very well on my S&W M&P 9c as well as my full sized S&W SD40VE. The light is bright – more than adequate for just about any home-defense scenario. The projected beam provides a small center hot spot surrounded by a fairly wide outer beam – the result is a compact, lightweight light that can easily light up a pitch-black room at over 30′. I’ve tested this on the longest possible shot in my home, which is down a hallway into a great room – it’s over 40′, and this light easily reaches the far side.

The only drawback is that I can’t see the sights on my my pistol when using this – I definitely need to add some night sights so the markings will be more obvious either in darkness or when the light is turned on.

5 stars for this light. At about $30 online, it is quite a bargain.

Here’s a link to the light on the manufacturer’s website:…

Model number is: FQ150C

Update 7/22/14: Still on the original battery supplied with the light when I got it in May 2013. Your mileage may vary, but I’ve been very pleased.

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