Powerful LED Light – Magneto 1000 Lumen LED Lantern

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1000 Lumen Magneto LED Lantern – Lights Up an Entire Room: http://ow.ly/YEoJf

Meet the amazing Magneto Rechargeable Lantern from TEVO!
With Twenty Four large surface mount LED’s, shining a whopping 1000 lumens, it’s the most powerful LED lantern available in South Africa! With up to 60 hours on one charge, it’s great for camping, roadside emergencies – it even detects power cuts and turns on automatically – perfect for load shedding! You can hook it, hold it, even charge your phone with it!

Shop Magneto LED Lantern: http://ow.ly/YEoJf

– Magneto Original: http://ow.ly/YEotO
– Magneto Xtreme: http://ow.ly/YEowh
– Magneto Duo: http://ow.ly/YEoyW
– Magneto Student Lamp: http://ow.ly/YEoBn
– Magneto Pop Up Lantern: http://ow.ly/YEoCX

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