MagicShine MJ-906 5000 lumens bike light combo with Wireless Remote Switch

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MagicShine is proundly to bring a multitude of new lights onto the market.The MJ-906 uses a TIR optic lens to produce a wide flood beam that lights up your entire field of view.
The included tail light provides positive visibility from the rear, day or night.
The included wireless remote switch can be mounted for easy access on any bar and allows you to change modes for changing conditions or to dim the light for oncoming traffic. (Auto, bike or foot)
The tail light is powered by the same battery as the headlight using the included Y cable splitter. It is also controlled by the wireless remote.
The new streamlined battery pack straps on with two velcro straps and has a rubber pad to protect your frame and hold it tight. The connector is common with most other batteries.
The new stainless steel mounting bracket is bullet proof and uses MagicShine’s new custom molded straps or the standard O-ring to mount it up.
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