VOX 800 Lumens Projector

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VOX 800 Lumens LED Projector is a simpler, faster and brighter solution for projection of movies, presentations anywhere at any time. It features LED light source that never needs replacement and beams 800 lumens of brightness. The design is handy, compact, lightweight and stylish; thus, very convenient to carry everywhere.
Light Source: LED
Resolution: 800 x 400
Brightness: 800 lumens
Contrast: 800:1
Display Type: TFT LCD Technology
Audio: Stereo Output
Audio Format: MP3, WMA
Video Format: 3GP (H263,MPEG4) / AVI(XVID, DIVX,H264) / MKV (XVID, DIVX, H264) / FLV(FLV1) / MOV(H264) / MP4(MPEG4, AVC) / MPG(MPEG1) / VOB(MPEG2) / RMVB(RV40)
Image Format: JPEG, BMP, PNG
Ports: 1 x USB2.0 In 1 x USB Out (5.0V DC), 1 x HDMI, 1 x SD Card Slot, 1 x 15-pin VGA Port, 3.5 mm Earphone Jack, 3.5 mm AV Out

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