15,000 Lumens Olight X7VN, X7 Mod = Brightest Pop Can Flashlight on Earth, Upcoming X7R, X9 (VN)

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Should you wait for Olight X7R or even X9 when you can get 15,000 lumens + 530m throw in a pop can sized X7VN now? I’m certain that whatever your choice, you’ll be blown away when you see what the world’s brightest flashlight (pop can) can do. If you seek the brightest pop can sized light on Earth, I’ll tell you now, this one’s legit. 15,000 lumens and 530 meters throw. Only available from Skylumen.com

X7VN Is available here

Get Neodymium Magnets for + on Flattop cells (Care of and understanding of lithium ion batteries required)

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