TRX For Cycling Workout

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Featuring Coach Chris Cygul, CPT, TRX Master Trainer

The TRX Suspension Trainer is an incredible tool for Cycling. As with any sport requiring simultaneous bilateral coordination, core strength and stability are also thoroughly important. When incorporating Suspension Training into the regular training for cyclists, we accomplish (2) sport specific training focuses, while simultaneously working on imbalances between the dominant/non-dominant leg. The first is assisting in building a more smooth & efficient pedal stroke overall. Second, strengthening the “pulling-up” portion of the pedal stroke.

TRX for Cycling Workout

TRX Fwd Lunge w/Y Fly (alternating legs) 30sec x 2
TRX Hamstring Runner 15sec on 5 sec rest x 3
TRX Pike 15sec x 2*
(Advanced) TRX Pike w/Isometric Holds (alternating)Step Backs 15sec x 2*
(Advanced) TRX Pike Climber 15sec x 2*
TRX Overhead squat 30sec x 2
TRX Sprinter Start 30sec (alternating) x 2

Focus in these TRX exercises is on setting up a strong “Active Plank” and maintaining it throughout these movements, regressing them if there is failure. Pikes and Climbers should be done with complete control, no “Sawing” in the main straps, with an increase in speed to failure, back to regression, then back to Active Plank before coming back to start position (knees and hands). Remember, it’s about how many we can do “right” here.

Chris has always been an avid cyclist and active competitor. After finding a passion for coaching small groups on indoor bikes, he turned to group fitness, where he worked to become an elite level indoor cycle instructor & Presenter. Now as a Master Trainer and “BLACK & YELLOW” rank Senior Course Instructor for TRX Training, Chris not only train clients and small groups locally, but also delivers TRX education course content to personal trainers & coaches around the country. Chris also works with several top fitness brands and gyms, from business development and marketing, to developing strong and profitable small group training programs.

TRX Training St. Augustine, Florida is St. Augustine’s Only Licensed TRX® Functional Training Facility and Anastasia Island’s Premier Training Studio.

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