Ambuya Stella Chiweshe – Mbira Trip (Mbira solo 1h no-stop)

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Mbira-Trip. (Instrumental)
For stress relief, soothing, meditation and relaxation,
Mbira trip brings joy and can mesmerise. It assists one to recognize the guidance from the inner-self. Mbira trip, can help to replace negative thoughts with positive conceptions. It helps to ease stress and it provides comfort during times of sadness or anger. It assists one to look beyond a situation, and to recognize the cause behind the conflict.
Mbira trip was recorded with positive thoughts for, to be listened to
with positive thoughts. The trip is for to go inwardly and to try not to let the mind scatter all over.
If possible, you may give your brain a one hour break, for it to be more
energized, you are safe here with mbira. Mbira-trip can be used for grounding and centering excecises. It can be used at healing sessions too, to arouse and hold at a higher level the energy of the healer’s spirit. For meditations its for to set the mind free faster.
It can be used to soothe babies when they are crying and crying
endlessly, but please not to put earphones into the baby’s ears. Mbira-trip is also good to listen to when driving, it encourages smooth driving. Stress is possible to kick out easily by listening to this music.
If listened to deep enough, its possiple to hear that the notes become a voice that gives messages that are never repeated so it needs to open up and let the music flow into you without judgements or expectations.
Mbira is both the name of the instrument and the music, one key is also called Mbira.
The word Mbira stands for both singular and plural we don’t say moires. The original Mbira consists of 22 metal or reeds keys, though some players have added more keys up to 28, mounted on a wooden-board. The board is about 22cm long and 18cm wide.
For natural resonance we play it inside a goard. The keys are played with the right index finger and with both thumbs. It comes from Zimbabwe from the vaZezuru people who come from the central part of that country. Mbira has been played since the dawn of time.
Message to mbira players: I recorded mahororo kushaura with you in mind, so that you coud join me and, play kutsinhira if you have a mbira in ‘A’ tuning.
Mbira Trip was recorded end of 2016 in Salerno in Italy, by Michele Longo. Mastered by Casimiro Orario.
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