Jane Redd from Redd Core talks about Reddcoin Online

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Core member Jane Redd talks Redd online 2.0 and the future benefits of the release of our system.

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Hi, I am Jane Redd. One of the core developers from Reddcoin.Online

The Idea behind the Reddcoin.Online Community is to become a global Come together platform for all Reddcoin owners. Have you been investing in the Reddcoin for the past 3 years? Then you have experienced the fact that the coin is growing but not as fast as all of us would want. The Reddcoin.Online community contains a group of skilled developers that are dedicated to the Reddcoin.

So one of the questions that have come across quite often the past few days is How can I earn money with Reddcoin after Reddcoin Online 2.1 will be released?
It can be done trough the following ways:________________________________________
• Sell products through the digital marketplace
• Provide services through the digital marketplace
• Sell tutorials through an exclusive subscription portal
• Provide free resources, tutorials, and knowledge including a tipping system.
• Provide advertisement or receive advertisement pay per click and pay per view base.
• Buy and Sell Reddcoins
• Develop games which are exclusively available on Reddcoin online to get commission fees, tips, in-game purchases, etc.
• Develop apps which are exclusively available on Reddcoin online to get commission fees, tips, in-app purchases.

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