HOW TO: Store Your Ripple (XRP)! Rippex Desktop Wallet Tutorial!

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NOTE: The Rippex Wallet locks your 20 XRP in the wallet forever if you decide to use it. This is the same for every Ripple account you open. They do it for anti-spam purposes.

If you’re looking to store your Ripple (XRP) there are several options available. In this video I show a live tutorial of how to store your Ripple in the Rippex wallet. You can find the wallet at I set up the wallet and then send some Ripple from Bittrex over to the wallet. It arrived in less than 5 minutes! Was a really smooth experience and the wallet interface is really great as well. I recommend this so far but do let me know in the comments below if you like another one!

Intro Music Credits:
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Jay Man – OurMusicBox

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