How to sync Reddcoin wallet faster – Issues/ problems

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Here is how it works! For both windows and Mac only!

1. Download & install Reddcoin Core Wallet

2. Install Reddcoin wallet and it will ask you to save data in the default files so accept

3. After installing you will replace 2 files inside the Reddcoin data files called ‘blocks + chainstate’ then add a file inside called ‘bootstrap.dat.xz’ all files must be extracted.

Below are the links to download the files

Mac – ‘/Users/YourUsername/Library/Applicationsupport/reddcoin’
Library maybe missing – to unlock all hidden files go to finder at the top right type terminal and type these commands in ‘defaults write AppleShowAllFiles 1’ press enter then type again ‘killall Finder’ and press enter now go back to users and you will se the library folder and in it the file Reddcoin.

To hide all files again simply go back to terminal and type ‘defaults write AppleShowAllFiles 1’ press and enter then type ‘killall Finder’ press enter and everything will go back to normal.

4. So now after all files have been replaced you can open Reddcoin wallet and wait till you find a green tick which means all sync is updated.

Download clocks and chain state:

Download bootstrap.dat.xz :

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