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Throughout the course of the Stellar Bodies class using the @Megaformer machine, you will achieve full-body conditioning using resistance, counter-resistance, and full muscle contractions. This workout focuses on full-body composition, which forces peak performance without injury, so you can become your best self without any worry. We want you to achieve your fitness goals that emphasize proper form and technique and that work strengthen your body while minimizing the impact on the joints.

Fitness pursuers will hit the larger muscles and the stabilizing muscle groups, while missing many others. We design our workouts to target every muscle for the ultimate core fitness from head to toe. To accomplish this, our training program incorporates all the key elements of fitness, including cardio, strength, endurance, flexibility and more. Not a single muscle will go unworked, and you may even discover some you never knew you had!

Our hyper-targeted, full-body workouts at Stellar Bodies on the @Megaformer allow our clients to sculpt the bodies they have always desired. With a boutique gym like ours in ATL, you can be sure to get the attention you need to get the results you want. Schedule a visit now to join one of the best fitness studios in Atlanta.

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