Chris Larsen and Stefan Thomas: “Ripple – The Enterprise Blockchain” | Talks at Google

Altcoins, Ripple, XRP
Chris Larsen is the founder, former CEO and now Executive Chairman of Ripple labs; he is a serial entrepreneur and advocate for “the internet of value” and consumer financial privacy; he is a graduate of Stanford Business School, and founder of both E-loan mortgage lender and Prosper marketplace.

Stefan Thomas is the current CTO of Ripple, a member of the board of directors of the JS foundation, and the founder and CEO of Justmoon, WeUseCoins, and TxtBear. He was one of the original cypherpunks involved with bitcoin and is a world-renowned crypto and blockchain expert.

Ripple develops software that makes banking transactions easier and more efficient on the blockchain. XRP, Ripple’s cryptocurrency, is (on the date of this publication) the world’s third largest cryptocurrency with a current market cap of about 45 billion dollars. In this talk they discuss Ripple’s focus on settlement infrastructure and their plan to create a longterm internet of value.

Moderated by Jesse Michels.

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