Reddcoin Faucet – Earn Free Reddcoins in 2018

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Reddcoin faucet!
Get free Reddcoin every 2 minutes 30 seconds.

1. Go to free Reddcoin faucet:

2. Enter your RDD address and click the button.

3. It will ask to resolve anti-bot captcha. resolve it and click claim.

4. Then you have to resolve another 2 captcha problems and then you will get your free RDD.

5. You will again eligible for a claim after 2 minutes 30 seconds.

6. You can check your balance on the dashboard and withdraw your reddcoin.

Reddcoin standalone main wallet:

Free Reddcoin Web online wallet:
Free Reddcoin App wallet:

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Earn Free Reddcoins in 2018

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