Pelvic Pain Endometriosis Patient Testimonial | Treatment Path to Relief Pelvic Rehabilitation Med

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Pelvic Pain Endometriosis Patient Testimonial: Treatment Path to Relief of Pelvic Pain at Pelvic Rehabilitation Medicine located in New York City

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Ever since I was younger, I would get stomachaches a lot and have kind of different stomach pain. And it wasn’t terrible. And then when I got to college it got a little bit worse. I would say it would get sometimes like very full after meals and I guess bloated, and also would get really strong lower pelvic pain. So it almost felt like I had like a band on my lower abdomen. And then it was post-college when it got so bothersome that I kind of started seeing doctors more proactively.

A lot of times specialists only know their specific area. So, you know, the gynecologist, was like, “It’s not a gynecological issue, go to a urologist.” Urologists like, “Go to a GI doctor.” The GI doctor’s like, “Go to this other doctor.” And then finally I got referred to Dr. Shrikhande. And lo and behold after seeing Dr. Shrikhande for a full year, she figured out I had Endometriosis. You know, it’s a disease that affects a lot of women but all these in 10 years of seeing doctors, no one had ever figured it out, and I think because Dr. Shrikhande is one, so caring, but two, so holistic and looks at everything. She was able to kind of listen to all my symptoms and look at the bigger picture, and I think really helped get to the root of what was causing my pain.

You know, she’s so 24/7 if you ever have questions, responds within 24 hours. And I think that was really helpful and made me want to keep going back to her. She was very helpful in having the right procedures done. So I had CAT scans done and MRIs done, and before we actually realized I had endometriosis, she also did a lot of things that help with just general pain management. I did a course of the different nerve injections with her, which was really helpful and I think kind of temporarily helped to numb and some of the pain I was having. She not only was a great doctor herself, but also referred me to kind of a network of other people then who were very helpful. When you go on Yelp and look at the best doctor, you know, you don’t really know actually is this like a good doctor you’re going to. She referred me ultimately to the surgeon I ended up using and was in constant communication with him.

Going to so many doctors, it’s so frustrating not to share your story over and over again. She’s able to give all my background and honestly took a lot of pressure off of me because I had been doing for the year acupuncture and physical therapy, it made it so that I was actually able to recover much more seamlessly. I would recommend Dr. Shrikhande to anyone. She’s an excellent doctor and really cares about her patients and takes full ownership and goes above and beyond, outside of just being with her patients during the session. She thinks about you, sends updates, asks how you’re doing. She gets to know the other doctors in your network and makes sure that everyone’s working together to help manage her patient’s pain. She’s just wonderful.

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