Klarus G10 1800 Lumens Flashlight Review Xhp35 HDE4 (A Must Have)

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This a EDC friendly light not too big not too small. The Pwm is barely noticeable I think you only see it is when you use the tail clicky I notice you dont really see it when you use the sideswitch.. Probably the 2 switches is running on different frequencies not too sure… I do recommend this light 100% The machining is and built quality is amazing! You wont know until you get this bad boy in your hands.. Too my eyes it looks more in between neutral and cool tint if that makes sense..

Klarus website http://www.klaruslight.com
Klarus lighting Facebook https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=845248018856583&ref=content_filter
Klarus Flashlights Facebook https://m.facebook.com/klarusuk/

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