TRX exercises/ Suspension training exercises/ intense abs routine/ TRX suspension training.

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Hello guys, Here is one excellent full abs routine that is going to hit every muscle in your abs, and core really hard.This is call TRX suspension training. You don’t need any weights for this routine. We will be doing lots of planks. WHY??? In my opinion planks are number one exercise to really target your abs, combining this planks on the TRX is going to make it extremely challenging. Remember during the workout you really have to concentrate in squeezing your entire body, abs, Glutes, back, legs, arms, everything have to be tight. We’re going to be doing 15 reps in each exercise. Is going to be very hard, so be prepared ?.Rest when you need it, but challenge yourself. I hope you guys like it. You can do this routine 2 times a week. Please don’t forget to Subscribe, give me a like ?and Share with you’re friends.please check my other videos.Thank you ❤️❤️

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