Ripple (XRP) VS Stellar (XLM) – Who Will Dominate The Future Of Cross Boarder Payments

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In this video we cover a fantastic article that does an amazing job pointing out the similarities and differences between two the the most dominate coins in the world #XRP VS #XLM. Who will emerge victorious in the future? Can both coins coexist in a future of digital currency? Both coins certainly have a lot to bring to the table as detailed in this video. However; the underdog #Stellar may have a slight advantage with their IBM partnership. Time will certainly tell! We end this video going over two more articles surrounding #Ripple $XRP. The first of which points out the need for financial institutions to adopt #blockchain technology to assist in speeding up cross boarder payments. The second article shows just how energy efficient Blockchain technology is, and how it can aid in the fight against #ClimateChange.

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Stellar Lumens (XLM) and Ripple’s (XRP): What they share and How they differ

IBM Blockchain World Wire: See How IBM is Testing Stellar’s (XLM) Blockchain For Cross-Border Payments

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse Reveals Interesting Insights into Ripple Products and XRP

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