Stellar (XLM) – New CEO, New Partnership and 5 Reasons #XLM Will Dominate The Financial Industry

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In this video we cover breaking news surrounding the new merger of #Stellar #XLM, and #Chain. As a result of the merger Interstellar will have a new CEO, Adam Ludwin. Stellar’s former CEO McCaleb will take over as the Chief Technical Officer. This is major news for Stellar XLM for many reasons, as CHAIN brings many new partners along with it. These original investors of chain include VISA, Nasdaq, and Citi Ventures. All of these companies previously developed technology that ran on Chain’s #blockchain, and it will now migrate over to the Stellar blockchain. The increased traffic on the Stellar blockchain will without a doubt increase the price of XLM. We end this video with one more article detailing 5 reasons why Stellar (XLM) stands the best chance to dominate the financial industry in the years to come. The list includes..

1) Superior smart contracts
2) IBM – World Wire
3)Affordable Business
4) Stellar AML and KYC compliance
5) Stellar Price Value Proposition

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