Cheap MTB Lights – Solar Storm X3 – 30,000 lumens?

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Cheap MTB Lights. Are they really worth the money. I acutally have to say “YES”. Now while most of the premium brands create some of the best lights on the market, it’s simply not affordable for all MTB Riders. So I opted to purchase 2 x Solar Storm X3 units on Ebay for a sensible price of less than £30. While the description on the website claims that 1 unit will produce a maximum output of 15,000 lumens, I can say that this claim is just ridiculous.

Now don’t get me wrong, the item is well built and comes with some good accessiors.The rear light that came with the package was garbage so I threw this away. But considering the price tag on this item this Cheap MTB light performs so well.

I use 1x Solar Storm on the helmet and 1 x on the bars, so working together it produces a good field of view in all modes of lighting.

The run time for my unit on maximum power was around 1hr 48mins. This is so impressive and can out perform more premium units.

So if you fancy a go at MTB night riding then why not purchase something on the cheaper side. If you get the buzz for it then perhaps then you can look at someting that doesn’t require the external battery and produces a more accurate lumen count.

So I rate the Solar Storm X3 as a great product. Certainly a Cheap MTB light that will ensure you see the trail with no issue, lasts long enough for any trip and not break the bank.These lights are serioulsy worth considering.

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