Total Body TRX Workout (advanced)

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Get your sweat on with this 40-minute advanced TRX workout!

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Tools: TRX ?

1. Deep squat
2. Deep squat + pull ups
3. 1 leg depth squat & bicep curl
4. Other leg squat & curl
5. Skaters
2 x 30sec

6. Curtsey knee tap
7. Same leg reverse lunge to knee drive & hop
8. Other leg curtsey knee tap
9. Other leg reverse lunge etc
3 x 30sec

10. Tricep extensions
11. Mountain climbers TRX
12. Walk outs to wide mountain climbers
3 x 30sec

13. Foot in strap lunge
14. Other leg
3 x 30sec

15. Plank with knee taps x20
16. Suspended crunches x15
17. Pikes x10


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