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Back in January this year (2018) I made the most viewed video on this channel, Fact-based XRP Price Prediction.
Unfortunately I made a big blunder in me calculations maybe being blinded by the exuberance surrounding Ripple and XRP at the time.

HOWEVER, I certainly wasn’t the only one to make such a HUGE blunder in my XRP price prediction as many have followed the same path.

This video looks to address the common miss-conceptions to do with Ripple XRP price predictions and explain why xRapid WILL NOT take XRP to $589!
in fact NOT EVEN $100.

You may feel this is bad news, but friends tell you the truth while crooks tell you whatever you want to hear.

Sometimes the truth hurts, but rather that than getting Rekt by the next XRP dump!

Links used to find the figures used in these calculations are here:


I ain’t your financial advisor, if your looking for professional financial advice then you should try your local hughstreet rather than YouTube.

I’m just a web developer with a very keen interest in crypto currencies and have been investing in real estate and the stock market for the last 10-12 years.
I invest in crypto’s for fun, hopefully profit, and document the experience here. I hope my videos are useful and help you to view your investment decisions from an alternative angle.

Any questions, please fire away in the comment section below:

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