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The first track, Lumen Christi (Lumen de Lumine) embodies the heavenly energy that brings life, light and freedom to all souls; it uplifts and awakens all souls to Divine Love. The origin of Lumen de Lumine dates back to the First Council of Nicea, which was ordered by the Roman Emperor Constantine I and convened from May 20 to June 19, 325 AD, making this sacred prayer 1,691 years old. Historically, we have records accounting for 250-318 bishops attending the First Council of Nicea. They convened in a closed room, locked themselves off from the world, and prayed together to understand the True Nature of God. As a result, they were enlightened, receiving the Light of the Higher World when the Eternal Father, out of his mercy and goodness, revealed Himself to them. They established what became known as the Nicene Creed, and defined the relationship between the Trinity of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit as being equally eternal aspects of the Divine. Lumen de Lumine, which is at the heart of the Nicene Creed, symbolizes what Saint John originally said in his Gospel; Lumen de Lumine is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

With Lumen de Lumine comes the solution to all difficulties. It is a Divine signature, a vibratory key that contains the Light of a billions Suns that removes all darkness from the heart and mind. Within this key lives the pattern of salvation. It invokes two of the most powerful principles in the entire Universe. Lumen de Lumine is pure love from Divine Love and pure light from Divine Light, because God is Divine Love and Divine Light. This powerful prayer instantly connects us to the Source of All Love, for God is Divine Love. Therefore, Lumen de Lumine is Love from Love. When we vibrate Lumen de Lumine karma stops for Love stops karma. There is nothing more beautiful than this simple formula for in simplicity we find Divinity.

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