RovyVon E300S 2000 Lumens EDC Multifunctional Angle Flashlight

Altcoins, Cryptocurrency, XRP
Claim: the light in the video is using the E300L’s body, E300S is a little bit different from E300L on the body look.

Delivery: by November 4.

User Interface

Top switch
1. Press and hold for Momentary ON (Turbo mode), release to turn off
2. Double click for strobe, on strobe mode, click to cycle through Strobe-SOS-Signal light
3. On any mode, long press (0.3s) to turn off

Side switch
MODE 1: Starting from moonlight
1. Long press (0.5s) to turn ON from Moonlight (3 lumens)
2. Click to cycle through Low-Med-High-Turbo
3. Working on any mode over 180 seconds, click to turn off
4. On any mode, long press (0.3s) to turn off

MODE 2: Infinite variable brightness adjust
1. Double click to turn on at 250 lumens
2. Press (0.3s) and hold to infinitely adjust brightness with a cycle of 250-2000-60-2000 lumens, Release to stay the brightness you need
3. Click to turn off
4. Memory: working on any brightness for over 3 minutes, it will come back to the brightness when turned on next time.

MODE 3: Sole Medium
1. Triple-click for Medium (450 lumens)
2. Click to turn off

NOTE: Other side switch modes are inactive when the light is on one mode.

1. Turbo: the output will drop down to 350 lumens in 2 minutes or if the internal temperature is over 80 degrees depending on which criteria come first.
2. High: the output will drop down to 250 lumens in minutes or if the internal temperature is over 80 degrees depending on which criteria come first.


Charging voltage: 5V
Charging current: Max 2.2Ah
Charging time: 90 minutes

Low battery indicator
When the battery is low, the indicator will turn red reminding to charge the battery.
*The indicator could be manually turned off with click the side switch once when the light stands is not working, and after 5 minutes the indicator will turn red to remind low battery. If the light is working, the indicator can’t be turned off.

Charging indicator
Breathing between red & blue: charging
Solid blue: charging complete

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