Crypto dreams: Good entry for Reddcoin (RDD) at 0.15 cents (USD 0.0015) coming soon

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Dear brethren, here is a video discussing cryptocurrencies, particularly Reddcoin (RDD) and Electroneum (ETN):

You can check under “Markets” in the above links to see which exchanges these coins are available on. Here is my ETN buying guide I posted on my original ETN video:

Confirmation on ETN dreams:

Confirmation on RDD dreams (others dreamed of RDD before I did):

“It was like watching a super fast forwarding of a movie.”

Tenth witness confirms Reddcoin moving up soon.

My main two coins are RDD and ETN. I am focusing on RDD then planning to move mostly into ETN. It has been 11 months since my first ETN dream video. That isn’t a very long time, so when I say long term I think it won’t take that long, but I don’t know. I believe RDD will spike higher first, but ETN will have stronger longer term potential. ETN is my main coin but focusing more on RDD at the moment. I have seen other prices for BTC, LTC, XLM, PPT. See the other two crypto vids I mentioned for updated dreams linked here posted in the pinned comment section and on Z3News: and
May God bless you. Christopher.


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