Awesome Ozark Trail LED rechargeable light 1000 Lumens

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Whats going on yall ROb here with a little video on this new Ozark Trail Led rechargeable light I bought out of the camping section for 22 bucks. I really didnt like vlogging or youtubing in low light and I happened to come across this rechargeable Ozark Trail 1000 Lumen led light. This Ozark trail Led Light can stay on for 4.5 hours and also comes with a led blinking move and half mode. It comes with the type of charger to recharge a Samgsung S6. But hey thats the phone I have so it works out great. This rechargeable LED 1000 lumen light is well worth-the price and I have already used it to vlog and youtube.
Thanks for watching,
ROb here AKA Trev2323
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