639 Hz | Re-Ignite The Sexual Spark & Build Tantric Relationships – Healing Meditation for Couples

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The sexual interaction is the essential part of any relationships. However, long-term couples often experience the decrease of the sexual attraction towards each other. The lack of sexual desire makes your life feel dull and pale. Return the heat of the sexual passion into your bedroom and re-ignite the erotic spark in your relationships. Let the life start sparkling with colors again and let your bodies re-fill themselves with the sexual juices of the mother-earth in order to feel the mutual irresistible sexual hunger – as strong as when you were just starting dating (or even stronger).

The 639 Hz meditation music activates your Heart Chakra and re-establishes the spiritual and sexual links between the partners. The 639 Hz tantric vibrations refresh the stalled relationships and revive the fierce sexual magnetism within a couple. The tantra for couples revives and energizes the relationships at any stage, tightens the bonds and lets partners feel the sacred union of their souls and their bodies. The sexual tantra based on the sacred 639 Hz frequency has the profound relationship healing effect.

Play the 639 Hz tantric beat music while you are getting intimate with each other or when you are making love. You can use this tantric sexuality music as a background for sensual practices and erotic tantric massage. Let the sacred sexuality vibrations sound while your are exploring each other’s bodies in order to reveal the concealed realms of tantric sexual pleasures. Let the 639 Hz music for Heart Chakra activation turn your erotic life into a never ending adventure full of revelations, like in your early youth time.

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