XRP CURRENCY CONFIRMED BY HARVARD (Controlled Crypto Demolition)

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Today on Good Morning crypto,

We will be discussing… Kevin O’Leary stated sacrifice is necessary for institutional adoption, as the crypto market continues to evolve we break down what many are calling a planned demolition.

Coinbase is warning of 2 possible Ethereum killers, while Goldman Sachs breaks down the functions of each cryptocurrency. ETH, ADA, and XRP classifications are worth mentioning.

A Ripple study found over 75% of institutions will be using crypto services in the next 3 years, as an innovative new NFT project is launched, allowing investors to own a portion of an athlete’s success.

BlackRock is betting on a small capitalization energy web token, with Carbon credits soon to take center stage, we show our listeners a project the billionaires are betting on.

And with the market becoming increasingly bullish, we discuss why 2023 is the year we have been waiting for.

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0:00 – Show Start
00:15 – Good Morning Crypto Intro
01:44 – Team Introductions w/ Abs
03:43 – Bitcoin Fear & Greed Index
04:02 – Crypto Market Update
08:40 – Peter Schiff 10k Bitcoin BTC
13:50 – Controlled Crypto Demolition
20:18 – Johnny Krypto Joins the Live
21:05 – XRP a currency (Goldman Sachs)
28:56 – Harvard Law calls Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple Currencies
35:10 – Ethereum Merge (ETH)
37:36 – Energy Web Token
42:21 – Regulation SEC vs CFTC
45:36 – Kevin O’Leary States Sacrifice is Necessary for Crypto to Succeed
51:33 – Raul Pal 70% chance the crypto bottom is in
56:02 – Shibu Inu moving
57:26 – Top 5 Cryptos Each Year
58:50 – Mark Yusko Joins Good Morning Crypto

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