Having More Nightmares!!!!(Part 2)(DDLC Spark of Hope MOD)

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The story of the mod: The MC finds himself in a void where he realizes there can be happiness in this world, however he can’t do it without the girls.
He finds away to bring back Monika and convinces her to restore the game, but at a cost. The others remember exactly what happened in the past, it’s up to you to make things right again.
Will you be able to rebuild the friendship they had before or will it all go horrible like the past?
Around 2 years ago when i started my channel with DDLC Content my content wasn’t that well made till i built a proper gaming PC and I made all them videos before hand on my old PC which I got for £200 and the original videos quality was terrible, windows kept popping up on screen randomly which was a bit annoying and was very VERY laggy 😅
So thats the reason i’m playing DDLC Spark of Hope MOD again🙃
i was also asked by a few subscribers to do this as well since i did the same thing with Blue skies and Fruits of the literature club.
I Also did leave this to a vote from you guys (or gals) to chose if i did this or not and I wouldn’t of do it if there are more votes for no since I respect my viewers 🙃 (It was 95% yes and 5% no)
And I Hope You Guys (OR Gals) Enjoyed This Video, I Had Fun Making This Video So Let Me Know What Mod Or Game I Should Play Next???????
I Downloaded This MOD Here —–

Doki Doki: Spark of Hope! – Full Release! from DDLCMods


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