Rear XTR Brakes Bleeding NO Special Tools – Scott Spark RC Pro 2022

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You can prepare to most situations, but not completely all. And this one is the one which I came only partially prepared to Tenerife to ride my own bike. Loss of rear braking power.

Thus, when unexpected happens, you have to look for ways how to get away from it. This time I did XTR brakes bleeding with no special tools on Scott Spark RC Pro 2022. It’s a nasty process and not 100% guaranteed, nor executed properly, but at least something to get brakes back again. This is yet another reason why spinning bolts here and there pays off in the long run.

Ohh, and did I mentioned Neringa also helped me? 😅😍

Link in the comments.

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Other insights about the bike & gear:

2022 Season MTB Races Highlights with EN Commentary:

2022 Season MTB Races Full Onboards:

After Stats:

Information about the gear used:
Footage captured – chest: GoPro Hero 10 + Max Lens
Tracking device: Garmin Edge 1040
Power meters: Garmin Rally XC200 or Stages Cycling XT
Bike: Scott Spark RC Pro 2022

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