Ethereum’s exchange deposit surge: Uncovering trends, outflows, and price upticks

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  • Exchange deposits of Ethereum have spiked to a nine-month high
  • ETH saw a slight uptrend in price but was still stuck in a bear trend

Ethereum has seen a notable surge in exchange deposits, marking a level of activity not seen in months. However, amidst this surge, which exchange flow has consistently maintained the highest flow in recent days?

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Ethereum deposits spike

According to a tweet by Glassnode Alerts, there has been a significant upswing in ETH deposits. In fact, at the time of writing writing, exchange deposits had exceeded 161,000, marking the highest level observed in over nine months.

Prior to this, the highest deposit level recorded on the chart was approximately 98,000, and this was in January.

Ethereum's exchange deposits

Source: Glassnode

To provide some context to the same, it is worth noting that Ethereum typically witnessed an average exchange deposit of around 30,000, excluding occasional spikes. This context emphasizes the significance of the recent spike and prompts questions about its impact on the flow of Ethereum.

Analyzing the Ethereum exchange flow

Despite the notable increase in exchange deposits, as illustrated by Glassnode’s chart, it appears that more Ethereum has been exiting exchanges. According to the Netflow chart provided by CryptoQuant, over the past few days, Ethereum outflows have been surpassing inflows.

This is a sign that even though significant volumes of ETH were being deposited into exchanges, an even greater amount was being withdrawn.

Ethereum exchange netflow

Source: CryptoQuant

The netflow chart revealed that the last instance of inflows surpassing outflows happened around 15 September. At press time, however, the netflow is -18,223. Here’s the caveat though – The netflow direction may change by the end of the day, but the dominance of outflows remains apparent.

Spike in volume?

Examining the volume metric via Santiment also revealed fluctuations in Ethereum’s recent trading activity. The chart indicated that Ethereum’s trading volume recorded a decline, dropping to approximately $2.7 billion on 17 September from over $4 billion the day before.

However, at the time of writing, the volume had rebounded to surpass $3 billion, signalling a slight hike on the chart.

ETH volume

Source: Santiment

It remains uncertain whether the surge in exchange deposits played a role in this volume uptick, but it’s certainly a plausible factor to consider.

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ETH’s uptrend not strong enough 

Following two consecutive days of a slight price decline, Ethereum has appreciated on its daily price chart. At press time, it was trading at approximately $1,633, reflecting a modest hike of less than 1%.

Notably, the short-term Moving Average (yellow line) continued to act as resistance, particularly around the $1,700-price level. Additionally, Ethereum’s Relative Strength Index (RSI) remained below the neutral line, indicative of its ongoing bearish trend.

ETH/USD daily price trend

Source: TradingView

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