Will Avalanche NFTs help AVAX see green?

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  • Avalanche’s NFT sector experienced robust growth of late.
  • However, the ecosystem faced challenges in the DeFi sector.

Active addresses on the Avalanche NFT network experienced significant growth as per a tweet by Emperor Osmo on the 7th of January, indicating a heightened engagement with the platform.

The rise in NFT popularity on Avalanche can attributed to the success of blue-chip collections like Dreamheadz and Dokyoworld, which have seen a substantial increase in interest.

This surge in NFT activity has the potential to positively impact the overall health of the Avalanche network, fostering a vibrant ecosystem.

DeFi sector faced challenges

However, despite the flourishing NFT sector, certain aspects of the Avalanche network, particularly in the DeFi space, faced challenges.

Notably, Total Value Locked (TVL) and decentralized exchange (DEX) volumes on the network experienced a massive decline in recent weeks.

This dip raised concerns about the protocol’s resilience and highlighted potential negative implications for Avalanche.

Source: Artemis

Amidst these challenges, Trader Joe, a prominent DEX operating on the Avalanche network, showed growth.

With a 13.7% increase in activity and a staggering 134.6% surge in revenue over the past month, Trader Joe’s performance stood out as a positive indicator for Avalanche.

Only time will tell whether Trader Joe will be able to propel DEX volumes on the network in a positive direction.

Bears rejoice

In terms of the AVAX token, a notable development is the burning of 2 million AVAX in 2023, marking a doubling of the previous total within a year.

This burning mechanism has implications for the token’s scarcity and may impact its value over time.

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However, despite positive indicators in the NFT sector and DEX growth, AVAX’s native token experienced a significant setback. The token’s price plummeted by 8.71% in the last 24 hours, accompanied by a considerable decrease in trading volume.

This market movement suggested challenges for AVAX in the short term.

Source: Santiment

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