Holy Satoshi! El Salvador Graduates Its 1st Batch Of Bitcoin Students

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El Salvador’s world-first experiment in Bitcoin education reached a milestone on April 2nd, 2024, with the graduation of the first batch from the “Bitcoin Diploma” program.

Launched in 2022 by the non-profit Mi Primer Bitcoin, the program aims to equip Salvadorans with the knowledge and skills to navigate the world of Bitcoin and potentially leverage it for their future.

Bitcoin Diploma Graduation Ceremony

El Salvador’s 2021 decision to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender was a groundbreaking move. The “Bitcoin Diploma” program reflects the country’s commitment to educating its citizens about this new financial tool.

The program boasts government support from the Ministry of Education and has developed a comprehensive curriculum with open-source materials like its financial literacy workbook available on GitHub. This workbook’s reach extends beyond El Salvador’s borders, with The Node Network program utilizing it in 18 countries.

The graduation ceremony in San Bartolo saw 120 students put their newfound knowledge to the test. Verifiers, comprised of developers, engineers, and finance professionals, assessed their skills in tasks like creating a backup wallet and using the Bitcoin Lightning Network for transactions.

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While the graduation signifies a significant achievement, El Salvador’s Bitcoin adoption journey faces hurdles. Despite the educational push, Bitcoin usage for everyday purchases remains low.

Only an estimated 20% of merchants currently accept Bitcoin, with tourist hotspots like Bitcoin Beach leading the way in adoption. This uneven distribution raises concerns about the program’s effectiveness in reaching the broader population, particularly those in rural areas.

Navigating El Salvador’s Bitcoin Experiment

El Salvador’s foray into Bitcoin education is a bold experiment with the potential to influence other nations. The program’s emphasis on practical skills and global reach through The Node Network are positive indicators.

The celebratory graduation ceremony further highlights the government’s commitment to fostering a Bitcoin-positive environment.

However, the program’s long-term success hinges on addressing the low merchant adoption rate. Incentivizing businesses to accept Bitcoin and bridging the digital divide in rural areas are crucial steps.

The future career prospects for these Bitcoin Diploma graduates also remain unclear. Creating a job market that values their newfound skills will be essential to ensure the program empowers them economically.

El Salvador’s Bitcoin education program is a work in progress. The graduation ceremony marks a significant first step, but the real test lies in integrating Bitcoin into the everyday lives of Salvadorans.

The coming years will reveal whether El Salvador’s gamble on Bitcoin education pays off, potentially paving the way for other countries to follow suit.

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