Ripple to attack $150 billion stablecoin market

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Ripple to attack $150 billion stablecoin market

Stablecoins are one of the biggest use-cases of the crypto industry, and the two strongest players Tether & Circle, have issued $150+ billion of USDT & USDC.

Ripple has plans now to issue its own USD stablecoin to challenge the crypto “incumbents”.

Ripple’s XRP is meant to serve as a liquidity anchor against all other currencies: XRP would be extremely liquidity and would be a bridge between other illiquid currencies.

For example, currency cross between Peso and Dhiram might be illiquid, but if Peso/XRP and Dhiram/XRP cross is liquid then – in theory – we could have a liquid conversion mechanism via XRP.

I have never seen XRP being used as described above though Ripple claims to have dozens of banking partners utilizing their technology.

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